Dionaea 'Akai Ryu' (R.Gagliardo)
Translation: Dionaea 'Red Dragon' (R.Gagliardo) (English)
Registered 10. 11. 1998 (JS)

On 26 May 04, I received this "original" 'Red Dragon' clone (below) from Brad Adler that he had obtained from Exotic Gardens (Petflytrap). The flower (below) has a lighter pink stigma than many of the all red clones. The flower photo was taken on 7 June 05.

The ICPS database has this to say about Akai Ryu: "Growth habit and flower morphology are typical for this species. The leaf petiole, blade and trap exhibit dark maroon to burgundy coloration. Any green coloration has only been noted around the center of the plant in mid-winter. The entire trap, interior and exterior, exhibits dark burgundy coloration throughout the year. Grown under laboratory conditions, where nutrient levels can be comparatively high, the plants still exhibit partial burgundy coloration in the traps and leaf blade."