Dionaea muscipula (Soland. ex Ellis)
'Royal Red' (AUPBR 464)

This VFT 'Royal Red' was received from Dean Cook on 11 August 03. The photo above was taken on 23 August 03.

Above is the plant during winter dormancy, taken on 31 January 04.

Above is the plant during summer, taken on 27 August 04. The top two and lower left flower photos below were taken on 23 May 05 and 24 May 05, tle lower right on 23 May 06. Note the 5 petals and the red stigma.

The ICPS database has this to say about 'Royal Red': "Distinct from other varieties (sic!) of [Dionaea muscipula {Soland. ex Ellis}] in that all parts of the plant, with the exception of the margins of the traps (see fig. 12), are dark red in colour (RHS 59A). [Dionaea muscipula {Soland. ex Ellis}] produces rosettes of petiolate (<= 85mm long), bi-lobed (<= 26mm long * <= 17 mm high), decumbent to erect leaves, the size of which varies with season. Do not exhibit any physical differences to other [Dionaea muscipula {Soland. ex Ellis}]. Green margins and red inner surfaces of the trap are characteristics common to both [Dionaea 'Royal Red' {AUPBR 464}] and the normal form of [Dionaea muscipula {Soland. ex Ellis}], and it is the colour of the other plant parts which make [Dionaea 'Royal Red' {AUPBR 464}] distinctive. Plants in winter dormancy and those grown in conditions of low light may lose some of the red pigmentation (as do most other carnivorous plants), but still retain appreciably more red pigment than typical [Dionaea muscipula {Soland. ex Ellis}]."