Dionaea muscipula (Soland. ex Ellis)
'Fused Tooth' (D'Amato)

The VFT 'Fused Tooth' (below) was received from Steven Stewart on 29 April 04. The plant photos were taken on 29 April 04 (left), 27 August 04 (right), and 4 July 06 (bottom).

The VFT 'Fused Tooth' (below) was received from Ron Lane (VFT#7) on 23 September 04. The plant photo was taken on 29 June 05; the top two flowers on 3 June 05 and 5 June 05; the bottom one on 22 June 06. Note: By the end of June 05, the plant is just recovering from the energy required to flower in early June 05.

The ICPS database has this to say about 'Fused Tooth': A tissue-cultured mutation. The teeth are few and fused together by "webbing".