Utricularia reniformis (St.Hil.)
'Enfant Terrible' (B.Rice & M.Studnicka)

The plant above was received from California Carnivores on 14 June 05. The photos were taken on 25 June 05.

The ICPS database states: "[Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] is the smaller form of this species in cultivation. Its leaves never exceed approximately 4 cm in size, on petioles approximately 12 cm tall. An interesting feature of this cultivar is the production of a carpet of minute ground-leaves under the large aerial-leaves. The diameters of these leaves range from as small as only a few mm to as large as a few cm. Depending upon the cultivation conditions, [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] may only have large aerial-leaves, minute ground-leaves, or both. In a relatively dry California greenhouse, one of us (BR) has observed this plant to grow only aerial leaves during the cool, amenable winter, and ground-leaves during the hotter, fierce summer. Another feature distinguishing [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}]from [Utricularia 'Big Sister' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] is in the nature of the leaf incision, where the petiole attaches to the leaf blade. In [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}], the incision is typically obtuse (instead of acute, as in [Utricularia 'Big Sister' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}]). For examples, refer to the leaf lamina drawings in Taylor (1989), in particular Figure 131 (figure elements 5,6,7). [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] is often confused with [Utricularia nephrophylla {Benj.}], which has 0.1-1 cm leaf blades. While the ground-leaves of [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] can mimic the appearance of [Utricularia nephrophylla {Benj.}], the larger aerial leaves of [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] are diagnostic. The flowers of these two species are also quite different. Horticulturists who possess [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] are sometimes frustrated by this plant when, despite heroic cultivation measures, it does not produce gigantic leaves. This is not [Utricularia 'Big Sister' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}]! On the other hand, [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] survives easily in conditions where [Utricularia 'Big Sister' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] might wither and perish. [Utricularia 'Enfant Terrible' {B.Rice & M.Studnicka}] is grown easily in a variety of mixes, but prefers a relatively light soil."