Sarracenia 'Okee Giant' (D'Amato)
Registered 11. 6. 1999 (JS)

The plant above is from Ron Lane which he grew from seed. The plant was received on 20 March 03. The photo was taken on 27 September 03.

The ICPS database states: "Hooded pitcher plants are mildly variable over their range. (...) The exception are plants from the Okefenokee Swamp in southern Georgia. Here, often growing on floating mats of sphagnum moss, the plants can attain a startling size of 1-1.3 m (three or four feet) in height. In cultivation, [Sarracenia 'Okee Giant' {D'Amato}], as it is called, more commonly reaches a still impressive height of 76-91 cm (thirty to thirty-six inches)."