Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' (D'Amato)
[((leucophylla x flava rugelii) x purpurea)"chipola"]
Registered 10. 11. 1998 (JS)

The ICPS database states: "This selection resulted from crossing [[[Sarracenia leucophylla {Raf.}] * [Sarracenia flava {L.} var.rugelii {(Shuttlew. ex A.DC.) Mast.}]] * [Sarracenia purpurea {L.}]] "chipola" (this suffix refers to the last mentioned species but is not a cultivar epithet!). (...) In [Sarracenia 'Judith Hindle' {D'Amato}], the young trumpets are green, laced with yellow, with a green and white ruffled hood. They soon darken to deep plum red with white, yellow and green mottling in the hood. The paler coloration turns pink as the pitcher ages."

The plant above is from Exotic Gardens received on 18 March 03. The left photo was taken on 3 September 03; the right on 8 August 04.

The plant above is from Douglas Bertelsen received on 17 March 03. The photo was taken on 8 August 04. The photos below were taken on 21 April 05.