Sarracenia 'Hummers Hammerhead' (J.Hummer)
(S. psittacina x S. rubra alabamensis) x S. rubra alabamensis
Registered 28. 2. 2001 (JS)

The plant above was received from Aaron Carlson on 4 March 03. The above plant photo was taken on 8 August 04 and the flowers were taken on 9 May 04. The bottom two photos on 10 May 05.

The ICPS database states: "This plant ... is a very vigorous grower. Its outstanding features are best noted in the late season, autumnal leaves which are unmistakable. (Early season leaves show much less pronounced features.) This plant is particularly notable for the upright, pubescent leaves, which together with the bright coloration of yellow gold and numerous areolae a{/n}d bright red venation throughout. Most striking is the elongated, flattened, and somewhat downwards pointing hood. The plant is overall quite compact, since the pitchers are usually 10-20cm (4-8 inches) in length. The flower petals are deep red, and contrast nicely with the bright golden pitcher leaves."