Sarracenia 'Cronus' (R.Sacilotto)
(Registered 29. 7. 2002)
Trademark: Titan (Botanique Nursery, Standardsville, USA)

This Sarracenia 'Cronus' (Titan) was received from Andrew Beauchamp on 12 August 04. The photos above were taken on 20 May 05.

The ICPS database states: "Sarracenia 'Cronus' was selected from numerous seedlings resulting from crossing plants originally from Seminole Co., FL with plants originally from Baldwin Co., AL. I performed this pollination during May 1981 in Greene County, Virginia. By crossing from two different population areas, I hoped to achieve some plants with increased vigor. Reemay(R) bags were used to regulate pollination. In November of 1985, the largest of the seedlings from the above breeding was named Sarracenia 'Cronus' for its unusually large size and vigorous growth. Sarracenia 'Cronus' has produced fall pitchers over 96.5 cm (38 inches) tall. The mouth typically is 6-9 cm (2 1/2-3 1/2 inches) across. The upper pitcher shows more white than many forms of Sarracenia leucophylla, with deep red veins dividing the white background. The rim of the mouth is white, with reddish marbling. Because the lid is adequately large and angled over the mouth, rain is less likely to damage the pitchers than it may with many open mouthed forms of Sarracenia. Despite the very dramatic pitchers, the flowers are not significantly different from the wild forms, being medium red and about 6.3-7.6 cm (2 1/2-3 inches) across and in height (sepal to distal tip of petal). The flower stem is a bit shorter than normal, typically reaching 25--36 cm (10-14 inches). We have observed that this plant is not a good seed producer (often, few or no seeds form in the pods). We have observed this cultivar to grow faster than most other Sarracenia, when shifting from tissue culture (flasks or test tubes) to marketable size (approximately a 3.8 liter (one gallon) pot). Due to quick size increase, it is recommended that Sarracenia 'Cronus' be planted in containers or gardens at least 30 cm (12 inches) deep and spaced at least 41 cm (16 inches) from other plants. In plantings with other Sarracenia leucophylla types (sic!), Sarracenia 'Cronus' has consistently grown larger than these other types, in identical situations. As with most Sarracenia leucophylla, the largest and showiest pitchers are produced in late summer to fall."