Sarracenia 'John's Autumnal Splendor' (J.Hummer)
Sarracenia (rubra subsp. jonesii x rubra subsp. alabamensis)
(Registered 28. 2. 2002)

This Sarracenia 'John's Autumnal Splendor' was received from David Conner on 5 February 2007. The photo below was taken by David Conner.

The ICPS database states: "This plant has the parentage [[Sarracenia rubra {Walt.} subsp. jonesii {(Wherry) Wherry}] x [Sarracenia rubra {Walt.} subsp.alabamensis {(Case & Case) Schnell}]]. The plant is a fairly robust grower with leaves averaging 25-50 cm (10-20 inches) in length and are slightly pubescent. The hood is undulate and often pointed at the tip. The leaf coloration varies according to the intensity of sunlight it is grown in. The lower third of the leaf is green with some red venation. The upper two-thirds of the leaf exhibit deep red color throughout, and venation that tends towards golden yellow on and around the hood. This results in a striking effect when seen from a distance. Specimens growing in full sun, and undisturbed for years can become a deep maroon throughout, with only a hint of yellow-gold here and there. Flower petals are a deep maroon color."