Sarracenia 'Harvest of Gold' (J.Hummer)
Sarracenia (rubra subsp. alabamensis x rubra subsp. gulfensis)
(Registered 28. 2. 2002)

This Sarracenia 'Harvest of Gold' was received from David Conner on 5 February 2007. The photos below were taken by David Conner.

The ICPS database states: "This plant is a cross between [Sarracenia rubra {Walt.} subsp.alabamensis {(Case & Case) Schnell}] and [Sarracenia rubra {Walt.} subsp.gulfensis {Schnell}]. The leaves are pubescent, 20-30 cm (8-12 inches) in height, and the leaf hoods are undulate. The cultivar's showiest leaves are produced in the summer to early fall. These show traits of both parents--there is a pronounced darkened gold background color to the pitchers, enhanced by distinct vertical red venation throughout the leaf. These characteristics are much less obvious in the spring or early summer leaves. The flowers have deep maroon petals."