Pinguicula "John Rizzi false"
[moranensis x ?]

This plant was received from Andrew Beauchamp on 3 June 04. It does not meet the cultivar description for the original P. 'John Rizzi' registered in 1999 by Peter D'Amato: "the leaves of this cultivar are distinct (wide with small margins and kinked occasionally along edges). The flowers are rather full with broad petals." Photos of the true P. 'John Rizzi' can be found at

There are a number of plants being circulated as P. 'John Rizzi' which are actually this P. "John Rizzi false". This is a nice plant. I find it very easy to grow and it flowers profusely.

The photo of the flower (left) was taken on 6 March 05 and (right) on 17 April 05.