Pinguicula 'Enigma' (T.H.Wyman)
previously: ABG 97-1715 Yucca Do 60-45-031395B

The plant below was received from Cole Dietrich on 13 June 03, which he in turn had received from Travis Wyman (Pyro). The photos below were taken on 13 September 04 (left); and 27 September (right).

On March 29, 2005, Travis Wyman (Pyro) wrote:;act=ST;f=6;t=17334

-'Enigma' holds its leaves up while at 3 different cyclosecta clones I have all press their leaves down against the ground.
-'Enigma' has never aquired any pigmentation in its leaves for me regardelss of light conditions.
-The 'Enigma' flower is much lighter than cyclosecta and also have a slightly different structure. I also note that 'Enigma' almost always puts up flowers in pairs while none of my cyclosecta plants do this.
-'Enigma' has a different pattern of growth than cyclosecta. The carnivorous rosettes are maintained longer or often perpetually where as all my cyclosecta for winter rosettes every year.
-'Enigma' has a winter rosette that is different than cyclosecta. The former being more convex (like an upside down bowl) with the latter is more flattened.
I believe that 'Enigma' is probably a naturally occuring hybrid between Yucca Do 1714 (cyclosecta) and Yucca Do 1717 (esseriana/jaumavensis like.) The full labels on the plants hints that they were collected at the same time and likely the same place and conversations with the original collector support my assumption of this.