Drosera capensis (L.)
"Wide Leaf"

The plant below was selected from a number of volunteer seedlings growing at the Humboldt State University greenhouse. This plant had unusually wide petioles that were wider than the part of the leaf with the sticky tentacles. Also, the early flowers in the spike are about 1.75 inches in diameter, which is unusually large for a D. capensis. The photo on the bottom with the scale is of the 15th flower in the spike, but it is still 1.38 inches in diameter. The flower size becomes progressivly smaller as flowers progress up the spike. It is possible, but highly unlikely, that the plant is a hybrid with another Drosera. The photos were taken on 23 May 04, the bottom left photo on 6 June 04; right 30 May 05.

After each growing season, the plant has grown tall and has old leaves along the stem (below top and left). I trim off the old leaves (right) and then repot the plant, burying the old stem up to the new leaves (bottom two photos). I do this simply to keep the plant shorter and less prone to topple over. The photos were taken on 19 March 06.