Drosera 'Marston Dragon' (Hort.Slack)
Drosera binata
Registered 29. 1. 2001 (JS)

The plant above is the 'Marston Dragon' cultivar of Drosera binata received on 31 March 03. The photo was taken on 14 September 03.

The ICPS database states: "Hybrid seedlings between the varieties (of [Drosera binata {Labill.}]) are seldom satisfactory, and I was fortunate in selecting one solitary seedling in 1983 which has proved itself to be of exceptional quality, and which I have named [Drosera 'Marston Dragon' {Hort.Slack}]. Its pendulous stems are up to 36 cm (14 1/4 inches) long and bearblades the segments of which are as wide as those of [Drosera binata {Labill.} var.dichotoma {(Banks & Soland. ex Sm.) Mazrimas}], and are the largest I have seen in this section. They divide irregularly into two to eight points and are the same yellowish green as in [Drosera dichotoma {Banks & Soland. ex Sm.}] (sic!), but the reddish pink tentacles render them more attractive. A curious characteristic of the blade is the manner in which the segments spread sideways, often to a great length, the points curving round and clutching the air like talons, the whole reminding one very much of the feet of a chinese dragon. The flowers are large and are borne on long straight scapes, but again hardly seem to suit the weeping habit, especially if the plant is in a hanging basket, and I always remove them. In every respect I advise the same treatment as for [Drosera binata {Labill.} var.multifida {Mazrimas} f.extrema {Hort. ex Gilbert}] (nom.nud.)."