Drosera 'Giant' (D'Amato)
Registered 11. 6. 1999

The plant above is the 'Giant' cultivar of Drosera binata received from Humboldt State University. The photo was taken on 14 September 03.

The ICPS database states: "this is one of the most massive of [Drosera {L.}]. The leaves are olive to bronzy yellow, with nearly transparent tentacles and pink glands. The wiry petioles can be 30 cm (one foot) in length, and the leaves branch from four to twelve points, sometimes 60 cm (two feet) in diameter. (...) A superb flycatcher, this species has a brief winter dormancy and is as cold-tolerant as [Drosera binata {Labill.}]. Outdoors in full sun, the leaves are colorful, smaller, and held erect. The flowers are white and best removed. The larger the pot, the more massive the plants become."