Drosera 'California Sunset' (Mazrimas)
Drosera filiformis x Drosera filiformis var. tracyi

These plants were obtained from U.C. Davis [UCD BAB.208] in Spring 2003. The above photo of the dormant hibernacula above was taken on 25 January 04.

The ICPS database states:"California grex (sic!) resulted from crossing [Drosera filiformis {Raf.}] * [Drosera filiformis {Raf.} var.tracyi {(Macf.) Diels}]. The cross was originally made in spring 1973 when the parents bloomed at the same time. About 50 flowers were pollinated. In resulting hybrids "leaves grow up to 0.5 m. long; tentacles are light red or deep pink in color. Flowers are large live [Drosera filiformis {Raf.} var.tracyi {(Macf.) Diels}], color is rose pink and they are borne on tall scapes. Outer margins of flowers are scalloped. The anther lobes are separate and stamen filament is green. Hibernacula seem to be more hairy than [Drosera filiformis {Raf.} var.tracyi {(Macf.) Diels}] and more like [Drosera filiformis {Raf.}]. [Drosera 'California Sunset' {Mazrimas}] is the only selection thus far from the cross and it possesses characteristics of the group as a whole."