Horticultural Description for

Sarracenia ‘Langford Williams’

I found this plant growing with a batch of Sarracenia X areolata {Macf.} at P&J Plants, Hereford, England, in late spring 2003.

It had the regular red flowers of Sarracenia X areolata {Macf.}, but what drew me to this particular hybrid, was the deep maroon veining that was beginning to show in the developing pitchers.

I was more than pleased when the pitchers fully formed, and began to show me what this plant had to offer.

The pitcher shape is very much your basic Sarracenia X areolata {Macf.} style, controlled by the S. alata {(Wood) Wood} parent, but with S. leucophylla {Raf.} giving influence in the slight waveyness in the pitcher lid.

It however is the colouration of this particular hybrid that I belive warrants its cultivar status.

The lower half of the pitcher is a fresh green colour, simular to that of the S. alata {(Wood) Wood} parent. However it is halfway up the picher when this plant stands out from the rest if the other Sarracenia X areolata {Macf.} hybrids!

The outer pitcher seems to be a pale cream/white colour,overlapped lightly in a light pale green marbelling, then penciled with its deep maroon veins.

The lip of the pitcher opening is a pale creamy white colour, with just a hint of the faintest green.

Inside the pitcher opening one can see light areoles between the maroon veins, again another inherited trait from its S. leucophylla {Raf.} parent.

Pale creamy white pitcher lip has just a hint of green in it.

Areoles or windows are clearly visable inbetween the maroon veining on the upper part of the pitcher walls.